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Congressman John Ratcliffe (R)
Location: Texas (4th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Rating: 86%
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James Cooksey Posted 8 years ago
This may very well be why Obama won the key states:
See what you can do to get the ball rolling on this:
I think Congress should form a 10,000 member team to verify EVERY vote that was cast in the last election. The simplest way would be to broadcast that anyone that had lied on the voter registration that came forward and confessed, would be granted amnesty in the third degree felony. If they do not come forward, they will be prosecuted if found.
Please respond!
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Jennifer Anderson Posted 9 years ago
Why have none of the criminals involved in the banking crisis/scam been prosecuted? I believe it is because those who can and should order an investigation are paid by the very criminals they would investigate. So, they get bribes and the American people get screwed - AGAIN. Can you confirm this, or are you part of the problem?
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Rick Bishop Posted 9 years ago
I am self employed every day I bid jobs,Jobs you say Americans don't want. I do not mind hard work but bidding against people who are here illegally and don't pay taxes .What are your plans to stop it?
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BILL COWAN Posted 9 years ago
RALPH ... The USURPUR, obama, is using another person's SOCIAL SECURITY # !!! Is THAT not even a problem with ANYONE WITH ANY COMMON SENSE currently serving in OUR Congress ???!!! The SILENCE is DEAFENING !!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY QUESTION ??? WILL YOU JUST ASK THE QUESTION, "WHY" ???!!!
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John Manser Posted 10 years ago
I read in the news today that there is a possibility that the "detainees" (Terrorists) will be brought into the Continental United States when Guantanamo Bay is closed. I won't get into how I feel about the closing but I do want a promise from you. Will you promise me that if the Guantanamo inmates are imported to these United States they will not step foot in Texas but will go to that corrupt State of Illinois where the crooks and political con-men should make them feel right at home!
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