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Congressman John Garamendi (D)
Location: California (3rd district)
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://garamendi.house.gov/
Rating: 93%
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Congressman John Garamendi Posted 5 years ago
Congressman Garamendi CA-10 talking about TellDC.com and social media.

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Clairice TiptonVeit Posted 5 years ago
How do you stand on legalizing marijuana specifically and the War on Drugs in general?
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Foreign Policy
James Moden Posted 6 years ago
Do you really believe that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and Turkey will commit ground troops to destroy and eliminate ISIS? Bombing is one thing, ground troops and a united force of Arab armies is another. And you folks just passed a spending bill for $500,000,000 to arm "moderate" Syrian rebels. The same moderate Syrian rebels we armed and trained in 2013, that gave rise to ISIS and ISIL. This is being done to supposedly topple the Assad regime. It did not work last year, and there is no evidence it will work this year. Why are we re-arming the group that became ISIS and ISIL?
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Faith Boyce Posted 6 years ago
I say we offer to fly every American for free that is pissed and willing to fight against this terrorist group over to that region to wipe them out. It seems simple to me, give them the best American made weapons, American training, American support and there's nothing that can stand up against us. Don't count on the military or the government, just mobilize patriotic Americans, send 100 or 200K US citizens willing to fight against this group of crazy terrorist wackos and do what needs done. I know at least 10 friends of mine that would go and I'll bet there are millions more.
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Foreign Policy
Susanna Ramos Posted 6 years ago
What threat does ISIS/ISIL pose to the US and beyond the airstrikes what additional things need to happen to defeat them?
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Congressman John Garamendi Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. John Garamendi answers Susanna's question about combating ISIS/ISIL.

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Douglas Carter Posted 6 years ago
Everyone want too fix social security rise the age and rise the tax how about y'all purge the system first like if you never paid into the program you don't get anything out ok and then go after the scammers
Y'all talk about no privatizing some part of it but have you took a look at what the government has done with it so far but first purge the sys.
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dev sal Posted 7 years ago
I live in your district and made a visit to your DC office in the summer 2013. I respectfully requested that you join the Dyslexia Caucas since a large number of families and children are not accessing the education that we are paying for.

A California representative is the co chair and needs more members. Have you made a decision?
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dev sal Posted 7 years ago
What are you doing to ensure the fiscal well being of your constituents are being protected, I want more than finger pointing to the Rep. party. Actual
compromises are needed, the Americans that are working can not afford to
support the people that want or "need" to be supported. A flat contribution, tax, needs to be implemented so all contribute equally.
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Seniors & Social Security
Frances Von Koenig Posted 7 years ago
Honorable John Garamendi,
I have submitted a request for investigation of the garnishment of my Social Security check by Department of Education without my agreement, and also, done without my having full knowledge by receipt of certified mail, etc., and I have
submitted to Congressional Aid, Andrew LIn, as I was referred to him by Fairfield Office aid, Brandon Thomson. Please follow up! ( I am elderly, medical disabled resident in Senior facility in Fairfield. I need to know urgently the specific follow up!.
Frances Von Koenig
P. . Box 742
Fairfield, CA. 94533

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Seniors & Social Security
Barry Smeltzer Posted 8 years ago
Congressman Garamendi, what are you doing to protect key programs such as Social Security and Medicare in the debt relief debate going on right now?

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Congressman John Garamendi Posted 8 years ago
Congressman Garamendi responds regarding Social Security and Medicare.

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Energy & Environment
Geoff Grossman Posted 8 years ago
With oil at $90/barrel, which is 68% of its all time high price of $147/barrel from July 2008; why isn't gasoline $2.52 per gallon at the pump, this would be 68% $4.12 on national average from July 2008?

Solution: Breakup the Oil Refining and Distribution network in California PLUS prosecute the price gouging participants in that system.
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