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Congressman Joe Wilson (R)
Location: South Carolina (2nd district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://joewilson.house.gov/
Rating: 96%
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Foreign Policy
Joseph Hunt Posted 7 years ago
Get the US out of the UN.......2nd, STOP listening to "special" interest groups and FIX the debt. Make lobbying a crime.
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Fiscal Responsibility
Deena Hockmuth Posted 7 years ago
Rep. Wilson, you recently offered a bill to make the federal budget a 2 year process - to give more time to address and fix wasteful spending. Do you have a target for the cuts or do you feel there is waste in every program run by the federal government?
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glenndan Posted 7 years ago
Mr. Wilson, please don't let Obama cause Israel to draw back to the 1967 border. Israel has always stuck by us, right or wrong, they've been there for this Country. What Obama is proposing, will leave Israel open to attack from either within (the Palestinians), or from the Red Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran, etc. This the most bone-headed idea this 'President' has come up with. He hasn't got a clue on Domestic issues, the border, economy, and has now proven to me that he doesn't know squat about foriegn issues either. Our Military needs Israel, WE need Israel. Do what you can to stop this LUNITIC.
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Avalon Posted 7 years ago
Congressman, Do you have any knoledge about the "peace department" proposal that is being considered in Washington DC? I am a total supporter and hope you are too!
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glenndan Posted 7 years ago
this is the lameist idea. Just where is this moneyu going to be coming from. It's a complete waste of money, time and paper!!
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glenndan Posted 7 years ago
Why don't we use money to save Social Security and Medicare(?) Why is freddie and Fannie Mac still being given money, when it was them that started the Morgage mess to begin with(?) Why are we still borrowing money from China, and how much longer will it be before they take over this Country(?)
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Homeland Security
William Abrams Posted 7 years ago
I just wanted to know how you voted on the new defense law that could be twisted to the point that Americans can be locked up without due process.
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