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Dr. Ben Carson Posted 3 years ago
Does the pubic media have an obligation to report all of the news?
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Posted 3 years ago
VIDEO: Rep. Jeff Miller (R-01 FL) responds to Dr. Ben Carson's question about media firms reporting.

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Tanner Larkin Posted 3 years ago
Why can't congress put everything aside and really focus on helping out the veterans? I can't believe that there is any partisanship that would be preventing this from happening or is there something going on in Washington DC that the American people can't see.
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Posted 3 years ago
VIDEO: Congressman Jeff Miller responds to Tanner's question about support for veterans.

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jeepndd Posted 3 years ago
When the President was abusing WWII vets during the sequester Republicans were outraged and Democrats were silent. When veterans retirement benefits were cut, many of the retirees were retired due to war wounds, Republicans attempted to fix it by stripping illegal aliens of welfare benefits and Democrats chose illegal aliens over veterans. When the VA scandal broke and Republicans tried to pass a bill to hold VA administrators accountable Democrats blocked it. If Americans actually care about we veterans they're going to have to vote Democrats out of office.
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