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Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R)
Location: Texas (5th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: Conference Chair
Rating: 77%
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Yale Harrison Posted 6 years ago
Should the House go ahead with a comprehensive immigration reform bill similar to the one that was passed in the Senate?
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Darlene JohnsonStahl Posted 6 years ago
Please reform the tax code. Stop loopholes and make everyone pay taxes. I mean everyone. Repeal Obamacare, it is way to expensive. Reign in the EPA and National Labor Relations Board. Most of all please make Obama a one term president. Thank you.
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James Cooksey Posted 8 years ago
This may very well be why Obama won the key states:
See what you can do to get the ball rolling on this:
I think Congress should form a 10,000 member team to verify EVERY vote that was cast in the last election. The simplest way would be to broadcast that anyone that had lied on the voter registration that came forward and confessed, would be granted amnesty in the third degree felony. If they do not come forward, they will be prosecuted if found.
Please respond!
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Fiscal Responsibility
John Gruber Posted 9 years ago
All we hear is that we need to cut spending on entitlements. Why not start with cuts to congress benefits. Several examples are why should Nancy P. have the use of a Air Force jet to go back and forth between DC and Cal. Why should the taxpayers pay for your retirement. I beleive that if congress was on an even keel with the taxpayers all of our problems would be solved.
In the privet sector when one company takes over another staff ends up being reduced but in Washington when departments are combined more people are hired and nobody knows what the mission statement is for that new depart.
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Vicki Duffy Posted 9 years ago
Get rid of the department of energy and the department of education. Return the power to the states where it belongs! Also, rein in the EPA......give me a break, now they want to regulate dust? Would they rather people starve than to have farmers stirring up some dust to grow food? The people making these regulations need to get out and live in the real world for a while.
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celestial4caster Posted 9 years ago
Cut the department of energy completely. Allow drilling for energy.
End the department of education and send the money to the states
Repeal Obamacare
Overhaul the tax codes by going to a flat tax. Cut the IRS accordingly
Have regressive welfare payments to disincentivize breeding. Reduced payments with each child.
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Bob G Posted 9 years ago
When are you people going to impeach Obama and centure Harry Reid? They're the cause of the economy and job market going belly up! Obama's first stimulus failed, now, under the name "jobs bill", he plans on wasting another $400 million of the taxpayers money.
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Wayne McCormick Posted 9 years ago
Cut the 113 billion dollars annually that American taxpayers are shelling out to fund illegal aliens in this country.
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Jo Beth Simons Posted 9 years ago
We the people are DESPERATE for some common sense in Washington. Your first order of business should be to cut EVERY department/program by a certain percentage (same for all). If the people in charge of those programs and departments can't find waste and set priorities for the success of the funds under their care, then fire them and find someone who can.
Second order of business needs to be the elimination of all ear marks that are currently on the book.s
Third...take a good look at the issues Eric Canter has brought to the floor and vote ALL of those out!
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Elsie Tackett Posted 9 years ago
I say cut spending, Welfare, and Food stamps
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revup Posted 9 years ago
It would help our economy Im sure if congress would cut their salary in relation to the job their doing as a group ....Also I dont mean to be sarcastic Im serious I think it would help financially and also in regaurd to the way the American people are looking at them ......
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