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Congressman Edward R. Royce (R)
Location: California (39th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.house.gov/royce/
Rating: 90%
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Foreign Policy
Robert Hoffman Posted 6 years ago
Russia seems to be testing the patience of the international
community including the US. Do you see a way for the US and Russia to work
together and start to improve the relationship between the two?
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Congressman Edward Royce Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Russian behavior and actions as described to TellDC by Chairman Ed Royce.

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Lori Burianek Posted 6 years ago
I have an urgent request, to save our home. my bank wells fargo refuses to permanently modify our home loan. our housepayment of over 31% of our incoming income (I believe are Obamas guidelines). we cant make the payments and wendont want to loose our home! we have this home for 11 years; we have grandkids, animals...this is very overwhelming. ive done alot reseach with this crazy kind of investing and alls I know it that they are hiding something. wells fargo/HSBC/Deutsche bank are all involved...please help
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Geoff Grossman Posted 6 years ago
Today the net worth of billionaires in aggregate increases over $300 billion per year; it took 221 years (1776-1997) for the networth of all billionaires residing in the USA to reach $313 billion total based on Forbe list of billionaires...why is the United States government allowing this?

Did you even realize this?

It is killing the citizens of our once great country economically and robbing future generations of the American Dream.

This is never reported but true; fix it if you dare.
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Foreign Policy
Gary Hopkins Posted 7 years ago
Congressman, as Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, shouldn't we stop sending aid to Egypt with the horrific fighting and escalation of violence that is going on in Cairo? Doesn't our agreement with Egypt say that funding will end if there is a coup? If we don't halt aid, what is the reasoning behind continuing to fund such an unstable entity?
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Steven Nguyen Posted 7 years ago
We believe that we get cheaper products made outside the U.S. However, we have begun to recognize that little by little we do not have any manufacturing jobs left in this country. As a U.S representative, what do you think and what can you do to save jobs for Americans?
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Geoff Grossman Posted 7 years ago
Actually we do have at least one small manufacturer; I run Index Products in Santa Fe Springs, CA and like a lone ranger. We really need to bring back manufacturing. It is not too late.
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Congressman Edward Royce Posted 7 years ago
VIDEO: Rep. Ed Royce responds to Steven Nguyen's question about manufacturing in the US and what he is doing to improve the situation.

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Fiscal Responsibility
Steve Forbes Posted 7 years ago
According to Steve Forbes returning to a gold standard would impose structural changes to the monetary system which would force the sort of reforms which are the only hope of staving off a major economic collapse. Agree or disagree?
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Energy & Environment
Geoff Grossman Posted 7 years ago
Please protect the hard working American family from the unwarranted excessively high price of gasoline. In July 2008 the price of a barrel of crude oil was $147 and the national average price of gasoline was $4.12 per gallon.

Today, February 19th 2013, the price of a barrel of WTI crude closed below $97 far below the 2008 high of $147; the ratio 97/147 is approximately 66%, so 66% of $4.12 the 2008 price of gasoline; today the price should be $2.72 per gallon at the pump.

Why isn't a gallon at the pump close to $2.72/gallon?
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Clair Keller Posted 7 years ago
Ah the good old days of realistic gas prices! I could put one of my kids through college for the amount of money I have wasted in the past few years and never enough extra to buy a hybrid... (not that I really want one).
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Energy & Environment
Geoff Grossman Posted 8 years ago
With oil at $90/barrel, which is 68% of its all time high price of $147/barrel from July 2008; why isn't gasoline $2.52 per gallon at the pump, this would be 68% $4.12 on national average from July 2008?

Solution: Breakup the Oil Refining and Distribution network in California PLUS prosecute the price gouging participants in that system.
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Pastor Scarborough Posted 8 years ago
Congressman-- We all know what a mess America is in at the moment. Yet we are constantly told that there is no consensus, that we are in political 'gridlock,' and nobody has the mandate to make the changes we so desperately need. If somehow we woke up tomorrow and a majority of the Christian community was united in their commitment to support a return to our Constitutional values, what benefits would such engagement create, and how would this change the political landscape?
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Congressman Edward Royce Posted 8 years ago
VIDEO: Congressman Royce describes the importance of adhering to the Constitution and the tools provided by the founding fathers to address the political stalemate that exists today.

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Health Care
Bud Wiser Posted 8 years ago
Do you believe health care costs begin with providers charging more than reasonable fees? Providers is all inclusive btw. For the tens of millions that have no health care costs are incurred via welfare programs for them including Medicare and those program costs are funded with existing taxes aren't they?

Do you believe replacing one series of taxation with a different tax changes will increase all taxes imposed or collected?
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