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Congressman Doug Lamborn (R)
Location: Colorado (5th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://lamborn.house.gov/
Rating: 97%
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Foreign Policy
John DeFazio Posted 5 years ago
ISIS are ISHoles! What will it take to get rid of these worthless scumbags? Is the US doing what is needed to break their coalition and get rid of the Islamist terrorists once and for all?
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Congressman Doug Lamborn Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Congressman Lamborn responds to the ISIS - ISHole question from Mr. DeFazio.

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Foreign Policy
Greg Phillips Posted 5 years ago
CUBA - What will it take for you to support the total normalization of diplomatic and same-nation status of Cuba? I know the Pope wants the people of Cuba to live a better life and my feeling is harming them isn't the way to put pressure on the Castros.
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Congressman Doug Lamborn Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Lamborn explains exactly what he wants to see before the embargo and restrictions on Cuba are lifted.

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Dr. Sudip Bose Posted 5 years ago
What can be done to better support our veterans, both with jobs when they return home from service, and with medical support physically and mentally with ailments such as PTSD?
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Congressman Doug Lamborn Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO: Rep. Lamborn responds to Dr. Bose's question about veterans and PTSD.

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Homeland Security
Gina Colucci Posted 6 years ago
How do we become energy independent and what can we do domestically with our own resources at home?
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marniej dumb Posted 5 years ago
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Congressman Doug Lamborn Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO: Rep. Lamborn responds to Gina's question about energy independence.

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Jim Costello Posted 9 years ago

It's time for all those in Washington to stop this political bickering right now! It's time to come together in a collaborative manner to return our country to greater greatness. I'm tired of the immature name calling, he/she did this or that, STOP IT, STOP IT NOW! If I could, I would vote everyone out of office and start over, but unfortunately, Man has too much EGO and PRIDE. Show an example, turn it around now.

Thank you very much...

Jim Costello
Colorado Springs
Republican shifting to Independent-Undeclared after 55 years!
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