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Congressman Dave Reichert (R)
Location: Washington (8th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.house.gov/reichert/
Rating: 92%
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Dan Lindsey Posted 3 years ago
Dave whats the deal with the fema camps popping up all over the place and the guillitines that the obama administration purchased for isis? Why is nothing being done to oust this dirty cocksucker? You're a good man. I trust that you'll look into it and maybe even respond. Thank you.
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Posted 6 years ago
Low wages, loss of jobs and high unemployment are the biggest problems holding back the growth of our economy; what have you done or what are you doing to encourage the growth of jobs that pay a livable wage in America?
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Education #1
Sebastian Posted 6 years ago
When will we as a Country start to focus on improving our education system? I can't imagine that the long-term strength of our Country is based more on Health Care or War on Terror???

I know the Economy is really the #1 issue facing us but can't we find a way to use all of the crazy dollars being thrown around to stimulate the education system. I would rather see money, if it is going to be spent put into improving our schools and building the long-term strength of our Country.

How do you feel about this?
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Pam Brinson Posted 6 years ago
I agree there are way too many things being included in the stimulus funds that probably are decided by "inside" groups like lobbyists or influential groups. I haven't heard of a plan to stimulate the Country through direct spending on Schools so I want to commend you on your post! Good Idea!
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Posted 6 years ago
Would you consider leaving your current political party and join a major third party that will represent the vast majority of Americans who are moderates on both sides of the political spectrum and are disgusted by the theatrics, tantrums, threats and lies that are endemic of the two existing parties. The vast majority of Americans are moderates, and just want a reasonable solution to our problems and a course forward; but their views are totally ignored by a system that is manipulated and driven by fanatical mis-informed extremists on both sides. Is it time for a Moderate Middle party?
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Fiscal Responsibility
Posted 7 years ago
What are you doing to help get the deficit reduction negotiations resolved? Do you believe that negotiations can be successful if one side holds to a position of "No Compromise"?
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Sebastian Posted 7 years ago
Congressman, I just read a blog that said picking a fight with the AARP may hurt you in the upcoming election. I respect your willingness to call it like you see it!

I have older living parents and they belong to the AARP but are totally opposed to the national healthcare being pushed too fast into law. Do you think if they don't renew their membership the AARP will get the message?
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