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Congressman Buddy Carter (R)
Location: Georgia (1st district)
Affiliation: Republican
Rating: 93%
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Patricia de Haerne Posted 6 years ago
En mass border invasion. After hearing the 2001 volcano excuse and more. The 2008 reason is being settled on. Fine but if these youth are fleeing here, not from a 2001 volcano, not unrest. But now gangs, gangs violence. As far as I know gangs and violent ones at that are active and very violent right here in America, let alone throughout South America.

Where have these youth been fleeing to for the previous 6 years? Until Obama took it upon himself to thwart most of our LEGAL immigration laws, we have never experienced this coordinated government sanctioned violation of our laws.
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Patricia de Haerne Posted 6 years ago
Can you assure us citizens that we are not simply extending even aiding those violent gangs. These young men for the most part fit the age and description of potential if not already members.

Who is making sure we are not importing active gang members into our communities?
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Energy & Environment
Jamie Brennan Posted 6 years ago
I'm seeing my grocery bills going up every month and I am wondering if it's related to the cost of energy or fuel or possibly the recent federal mandate to add corn to our gas. Do you think the federal government should revise or reduce some of the EPA fuel standards regarding the mandated levels of ethanol content?
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Fiscal Responsibility
Herb Smith Posted 9 years ago
How can we repeal ObamaCare?
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