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Congressman Brad Sherman (D)
Location: California (30th district)
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://www.house.gov/sherman/
Rating: 86%
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Eric Roberts Posted 5 years ago
Why not look at the benefit legalizing marijuana would have on the economy. It's time to make it happen!

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Marcio Landini Posted 5 years ago
The world need more people like you!
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Jeremiah Cummings Posted 5 years ago
Herman, your lack of evidence, quick judgment, lack of specific reason, rudeness, and misguided understanding of the subject matter makes me wonder if you're actually talking to yourself.
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Katie EckAguiar Posted 5 years ago
I think that the legalization of marijuana would be an excellent step for our future!! Within 10 years we would be able to pay back a substantial amount of the U.S. debt, and I can guarantee that there will be a lot of very peaceful people everywhere you go! =)

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Jack Ely Posted 5 years ago
It only does nice in the world when it's used with other nice people. When a group of hot-head terrorists get together and smoke it, it can easily escalate their propensity for violence. Been there done that.
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Michael Givens Posted 5 years ago
"Legalize marijuana and everybody will be happy" -- are you freakin' kidding me? There's a reason when someone does something stupid that people half-joking ask, "Are you high?" So, here's what we get for legalizing: Higher car accident/death rates, more smoke in more lungs driving up medical costs, easier purchasing of pot that will instantly filter down into younger kids, and a host of other problems and public safety issues that are too numerous to mention here.

Leave it to an idiot like Eric Roberts to promote something like this. Seriously, Eric, Are you high?
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Debra Risko Posted 5 years ago
Thank you Eric for hitting the nail on the head with this one!! Once again it boils down to profit..our Government grows it already..simply approach the tobacco companies and roll it like cigarettes..you have a way to produce it, the government gets taxes off of it..and all of us are happy!!!And by the way, my Doc even told me that it's way better for me than smoking tobacco and it has more help in it for my arthritis than any pain pill prescribed!!!
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Brett Bergen Posted 5 years ago
Honestly legalizing marijuana makes so much sense! Decriminalizing it would empty our prison systems for so many minor offenses, the profiting off of hemp alone would be huge! As well as profiting off of taxation of marijuana. There would be a major hit to the drug cartels as well and all the efforts that police forces and other government agencies use to search for the many different types of illegal drugs can then be narrowed down. The manpower that would be increased towards searching for cocaine and heroine would be great. Just a very broad list of the positives.
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Herman Vogel Posted 5 years ago
You are an idiot,,,,nuff said!!!
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kb Posted 5 years ago
Herman, What is it you oppose? A recent survey showed that "Researchers found that 42% of people surveyed in the U.S. had tried marijuana at least once..." (Time Magazine Survey)

Now if that's the case and like other forms of drugs like alcohol or tobacco it were taxed by the government, it seems obvious to me there would be Billions of Dollars in revenue our nation could surely use.

I think like most things the alcohol and tobacco companies don't want the competition and have much better lobbyists patting the backs of our elected officials.
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Health Care
Ron Myers Posted 7 years ago
When illegals come to America and have a child, that child is an America citizen. Currently, those illegal parents are allowed to draw welfare and other entitlements acting as dependents of a US Citizen. Isn't this also what will begin to happen with ObamaCare ? If not, why did I read the IRS released a circular directed to illegals to let them know by applying for ObamaCare ,none of their information will be forwarded to Immigration ?
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Betty H Posted 7 years ago
Ron, you point out the obvious that most Americans are not seeing or listening to, the federal government guided by the Obama administration is going for the takeover of all of us. I am not an alarmist but read the signs- IRS investigating conservatives, Obamacare centralizing all medical records and control of our health care, and the ongoing fight to repeal the 2nd Amendment, making friends with Iran... It's crazy and I hope it stops. I just pray that you and I are not the only ones taking action to stop it.
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Adam Yale Posted 7 years ago
How many more "little" SCARY facts will come out about Obamacare. I was talking with a Dr. friend this morning who was informed his rate to perform certain procedures was being cut in 1/2 which is below his cost. Do you think medical care will improve when Dr.s are told they have to lose money to take care of patients?
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Urban Policy
Eric Roberts Posted 7 years ago
George Zimmerman got away with Murder - but the real culprit is the "Stand Your Ground" law. WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET RID OF THESE LAWS AND INSURE THAT VIOLENT AGGRESSION AND VIGILANTISM WILL NO LONGER BE LEGAL ACTIVITIES?

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Zachary Levi Posted 8 years ago
What impact will the recent credit downgrade have on California and America's economy?

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Burt Sr Posted 8 years ago
I am old enough to remember when our greatest fear war with Russia, now instead of that we are being destroyed by poor leadership and bad decisions made by our government. We've come a long way in 230+ years but made a real mess of it over the past few decades. There is hope and I am sure we can survive but first identify the enemy (poor decisions on spending) and apply a unified America to fix it! I am a big follower of "plan the work - work the plan"... Please Congress, what's the plan and when you establish it make it fair for everyone. So again Rep Sherman, what's the plan?
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Eileen BE Posted 8 years ago
Dear Congressman Sherman,
I know you and your Democrat collegues are in the minority in the house, but is there any way you can convince your Republican collegues to protect the full faith and credit of the United States, cut spending without harming Social Security and Medicare reciipients, and raise revenue? I know it's a tall order, but something must be done and the game playing has to stop.
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MarMarkus Miller Posted 8 years ago
I agree with what has been said but I must add with a question why does the Gov. Takes money away from Soc. Sec. which is our money from our working check and does not repay it back, they owe us a lot of money. Strop the war and we would have more money, use the money for wars to billed ways to protcet the USA .Thank you .
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