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Ken Broadwater Posted 4 years ago
With all the illegal acts of President Obama, such as changing the Obamacare law by delaying parts without going back through congress. Not supplying a budget which is per the constitution, lying to the americans telling us we could keep our policies and doctors, and the list goes on and one. Why has there not been more and serious talk about him being impeached?
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B. DeFazio Posted 4 years ago
I agree with your comment but I also think the ship has sailed. I am doing all I can to insure the next President and in this next midterm election that all candidates adhering to the Constitution are elected. We are so close to losing what our nation was created by with all of the "executive orders" and other power manipulations I fear for America. Keep up the fight and count me in on your side.
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Health Care
George Taylor Posted 5 years ago
I want to know if you will (on Thurs. 05-17-13) do what you can to repeal OBAMACARE? The House has had several chances to defund this terrible legislation that the American people absolutely do not want - how will you vote this time? With the recent developments of the IRS' behavior - are you willing to have them administer much of Obamacare for the people of the 5th Dist. of VA? (Of course all Wash politicians are exempt from the legislation - another matter that should be changed!)
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Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO: Congressman Hurt describes his plan to see the size and influence of government reduced.

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Doug Harper Posted 5 years ago
I support you!
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TellDC Team Posted 7 years ago
Congressman, welcome to TellDC. We look forward to connecting you to all of your Constituents in Virginia through ongoing and meaningful debates over the issues facing Virginia's 5th District and the Country.
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