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Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R)
Location: Virginia (6th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.house.gov/goodlatte/
Rating: 96%
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Dr. Ben Carson Posted 6 years ago
Does a chronically depressed economy encourage government dependency?
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Congressman Bob Goodlatte Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO: Rep. Goodlatte responds to Dr. Ben Carson about the economy and dependency on the government.

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Health Care
Randy Brinson Posted 7 years ago
Shouldn't tort reform to reduce medical liability be part of Obamacare?
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Congressman Bob Goodlatte Posted 7 years ago
VIDEO: Congressman Goodlatte responds to TellDC user Dr. Randy Brinson's question about tort reform and why it was not part of the Obamacare law.

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Ernest Istook Posted 7 years ago
How can we verify honesty in our President when he tries to ensure validity of his policies but so often it seems he has lied to us or at a minimum stretched the truth like his statements about keeping your insurance if you like it under Obamacare?
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Congressman Bob Goodlatte Posted 7 years ago
VIDEO: Congressman Goodlatte answers Ernest's question about President Obama's broken promises describing health care and other issues.

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Jackie Reed Posted 7 years ago
I do not understand why the people o this country pays for all the mistakes that you and the rest of crowd in Washington do. When the president said that people on social security, the military would not have a check in August why, did'nt someone speak up and say that congress and the preident should be the ones that should not get a check in August? How are these people going to make it without their checks and I am sure you guys in Washington would not have any problems with meeting you bills for the month without pay.We the people of this great country are paying for all of your mistakes.
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john kania sr Posted 9 years ago
Where do you stand on raising the debt limit ?
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Avalon Posted 10 years ago
Congressman, Do you have any knoledge about the "peace department" proposal that is being considered in Washington DC? I am a total supporter and hope you are too!
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