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Congressman Ann Wagner (R)
Location: Missouri (2nd district)
Affiliation: Republican
Rating: 80%
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Fiscal Responsibility
Ross Willson Posted 9 years ago
As a Member of the Tea Party Caucus I will expect you to stand up to Obama and the Democrats. Do not raise the Debt Ceiling force them to present a Budget with a minimum of 4 - 6 TRILLION dollars !
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wayne schlichter Posted 8 years ago
Cut the budget without raising taxes. You can start with presenting a bill to not only freeze Congressional wages, but cut them. It is getting very hard for people to make ends met with jobs being cut, working for minimum wage, and then watch as you all vote yourselves a raise claiming that you need to to live. What about the rest of the Americans. We can't up and vote ourselves a pay raise. We try that and we would be out of a job.
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Fiscal Responsibility
daniel sanders Posted 9 years ago
Please support a balanced budget amendment. As we have seen, especially in the last 20 years, both parties cannot police themselves. While I find the debt ceiling argument ridiculous as this is monies already spent, both sides need to compromise and meet towards the middle and stop catering to the loud (but small) fringe on both sides. Spending will need to be decreased AND revenues will have to be raised. Get rid of a large number of deductions (LIFO for example) and get corporate rates inline. Please don't continue the course and eventually we become Greece.
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