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Chairman of BP Capital T. Boone Pickens (R)
Location: Texas
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.pickensplan.com
Rating: 73%
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Mr Wall Posted 6 years ago
Hi T Boone,
I think you would make a great President. Our country is a mess. Have you thought about running? We need someone who has great management expertise, can execute a vision, clean up the fiscal mess, hold people accountable, has political skills, endurance and honor to understand that he governs only with another's consent.
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The U.S. is producing a lot more oil than it did just a few years ago. Yet the price at the pump hasnt dropped a single penny. Why not? Because we import so many billions of dollars worth of OPEC oil that we end up paying global prices.\r\n\r\nTheres only o

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Homeland Security
James Cooksey Posted 8 years ago
Is there ONE set of cajonies in Congress?

Why doesn't someone stand up to that traitor in the White House, arrest him for treason, try him, and send him to GITMO?

I don't think there is ONE brave honorable man in Congress or they would be screaming to high heaven about this. I truely believe that they are all scared to stand up.

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James Cooksey Posted 8 years ago
Any Congressman that voted for this and the President that signed it should be tried for treason and executed.... They are taking over America, ONE RIGHT AT A TIME! This bill is a disgrace to Congress...

For you who haven't read the bill, it allows the US military to arrest and hold without charges ANY US citizen they wish...

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James Cookey Posted 9 years ago

Click the link, watch the video, and use your influence to stop this in it's tracks or we will ALL loose our freedoms.
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Julie Rasinski Posted 10 years ago
I support your plan and wanted to know if you are the one who wrote the bill that the President is talking about?
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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 10 years ago
Mr. Pickens,

What do you estimate the increase in jobs will be if the bill you are promoting is passed?
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