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CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf (D)
Location: District of Columbia
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://cboblog.cbo.gov/
Rating: 75%
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James Cookey Posted 6 years ago
Don't tell me you people can't find 3% to cut from the non-budget without hurting WE THE PEOPLE... It's all lies:
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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 7 years ago
You had some tuff-love talk for the Super Congress members today but I didn't hear you say what you think the balance of these representatives should be doing. There is a huge divide between the Democrats and Republicans in both the House and Senate and they don't seem to be moving any closer to a solution. If there were a simple question about what should be done to save our nation, what would you ask each one of them, including the President?
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chrisabs Posted 7 years ago
I want to hear from every member of Congress, both the 429 Members of the House and the rest of the 94 Senators on what they suggest be done NOW not by Thanksgiving! Fix this problem now so we don't have to sit around waiting for them to say, "here's our idea" then have all the special interests and causes throughout the world say "no" and it just goes on and on!
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