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Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Mission Statement: A Reason for Being.

Planned Parenthood believes in the fundamental right of each individual, throughout the world, to manage his or her fertility, regardless of the individual's income, marital status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or residence. We believe that respect and value for diversity in all aspects of our organization are essential to our well-being. We believe that reproductive self-determination must be voluntary and preserve the individual's right to privacy. We further believe that such self-determination will contribute to an enhancement of the quality of life and strong family relationships.

Based on these beliefs, and reflecting the diverse communities within which we operate, the mission of Planned Parenthood is

- To provide comprehensive reproductive and complementary health care services in settings which preserve and protect the essential privacy and rights of each individual

- To advocate public policies which guarantee these rights and ensure access to such services

- To provide educational programs which enhance understanding of individual and societal implications of human sexuality

- To promote research and the advancement of technology in reproductive health care and encourage understanding of their inherent bioethical, behavioral, and social implications
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Collin Cantrell Posted 7 years ago
If the mission of Planned Parenthood was as straightforward as is listed on this page, then I would be more tolerant to its agenda. However, if your agenda was really to promote the right of an individuals to control their own fertility, then when your advisers sit down with already expecting mothers, they wouldn't be suggesting abortion as the only solution, unless the pregnancy is life threatening. There are people who would like to have children but cannot, and you are denying them the joys of parenthood and children the natural right of life by promoting abortion.
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REVOLUTIONary2B Posted 9 years ago
Support your mission? You mean to kill endless numbers of minority babies whith the goal of reducing minority populations, while convining them it's a good idea? Same mission as your founder had in Nazi Germany, right? Look it up people. Planned Parenthood has roots in racism and genocide.
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Craig Olson Posted 7 years ago
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