Frequently Asked Questions

What is TellDC.com?
TellDC.com is a non-partisan, get to the root or our problems website that will serve to make your voice heard in Washington DC. TellDC is where you ask the questions and voice the concerns most important to you, and we insure those questions get to your representative or the individual policy makers that matter.
How does it work?
TellDC is simple, elegant and direct. Using conventional and social networking channels we are creating conduits through which we deliver your messages to INDIVIDUAL elected and appointed officials or candidates. With each question delivered, we demand a straight answer. Submitting questions is easy:
1.Find the politician you're most interested in on our easily navigated "browse" section, where politicians are listed by state.
2.Submit your comments and questions.
3.When 50 people "agree" with your question. TellDC.com will make sure that the question is put to your politician of choice and that they answer.
4.TellDC.com is the first of its kind site to have ongoing "dialog" with representatives’ not just one-way communication where no one feels satisfied.
5.In addition, you'll find videos on most of our featured politicians pages, so you know exactly where they stand on the issues that matter to you, and comment on them!
My State representative doesn't have any videos, what gives?
TellDC.com is a constantly growing and evolving. Every effort will be made to insure that all politicians are represented fairly. As part of the evolution of TellDC.com, we will be adding original video content in the form of:
1.One-on-one interviews
2.Public access content, such as speeches on the House Floor and Senate hearings
3.People-on-the-street video interviews captured out in the community.
Keep coming back to TellDC.com for updates.
Does TellDC.com have any party affiliations?
NO. TellDC.com is a non-partisan website, where your voice is the only one that matters. All elected and appointed officials as well as candidates for office are represented at TellDC.com
In the Political Figures section, who decides who goes there?
There are a number of factors that are considered when deciding who warrants an "official profile" page. Activists, presidential candidates, retired politicians, issue drivers, thinkers, dissenters or anyone who is capable of contributing to political debate can be featured in this section. If you have suggestions or want to be listed there email the TellDC team.
TellDC.com is a pretty professional looking website, do you have any corporate funding?
No. TellDC.com is privately owned and operated. The founders of TellDC.com believe there must be a simple, direct and automated method to communicate with the leadership of this country. That is the single guiding principle under which this effort was launched. TellDC.com has created a process that allows you to quickly and easily identify your personal issues, see how many from your community, your state or even the entire country feel the same way and then get answers from the appropriate official. Remember, everyone here is committed to opening the channels of communication between our representatives and those they represent. (As to the professional "look"? Thank our incredibly talented web designers and programmers for that).
Will TellDC.com ever endorse a candidate?
NO. We are here to amplify your voice! We let your elected officials speak for themselves, to you, there is no filtering or agenda involved.
What kind of questions can I ask?
Any question that is important to you!! TellDC.com is where your voice speaks to the issues that matter to you and people like you. Whether it's about a piece of legislation your representative supports, or doesn't, how they plan to win re-election, or where they stand on the issues effecting your life, no question is off limits. We only ask that you be respectful and use appropriate language.
I'm a politician. How do I post videos, etc?
Please contact us at support@telldc.com to discuss your options!
Do you have feedback or a suggestion for TellDC.com?
Please feel free to send the TellDC.com team comments or suggestions at staff@telldc.com.
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