About Us

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An idea isn't a movement until people support it and take action.

Why was TellDC created?

TellDC was created to give every American a voice in Washington DC.

TellDC uses the power of numbers. It allows people to ask questions to their elected representatives, or agree with other people's questions. TellDC pulls together people who have the same question, and makes sure those people get an answer from their representative.

TellDC's non-partisan mission is to enable two-way communication between elected officials and the citizens they represent; and to reinvigorate the principles of democracy in the political process.

How does it work?

  • Visit TellDC.com and find your representative.

  • Sign-in using your Facebook login, or create a new login.

  • Leave a question or 'agree' with someone else's question.

  • When enough people 'agree' with that question, TellDC gets an answer.

  • You learn what your representative's views are.

  • You decide who deserves your support.

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